Marketing Solutions

Do you receive calls daily from representatives for newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, Internet, Billboard, etc., all telling you why they're "number one" and you need to advertise with them?

Confusing isn't it? We will not only plan out your best means to reach your customers cost effectively, but, you can forward all those calls to us! We'll be your filter, and take that responsibility off of you and your staff.

There is a misconception that marketing/advertising agencies can cost companies more money than they would spend if they did it themselves, and nothing – nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, it is quite the opposite!

Comworks has strong relationships with all forms of media over the years, and because we work so closely with them, we get the best deals which we pass on to our clients. It is impossible for one company to negotiate the way that we do, and therefore, just on that point alone, it makes sense to have an agency take care of your marketing needs.

We know that advertising requires you to have a budget set aside, and it's not inexpensive. However, powerful thinking, innovative strategies and outside-the-box creativity makes them effective, and translates to more sales for each marketing dollar you spend.

We will make you shine brightly by creating powerful ads, radio & TV commercials, logo design, brochures, presentation folders, and more! We are your one-stop shopping!

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