Web Presence

ComWorks is a full service Internet Service Provider, we provide the 3 main ingredients of a web presence:

  • Web Hosting which is the physical storage of all your contents such as text, pages, images, store, database, audio, video, etc.

  • Web development and design which is the actual conception of your site and its various functions.
  • Web Marketing which consists in the SEO (search engine optimization) and indexing, cross linking your sites with related sites and establish a regular contact with your visitors and customers.



Congratulations, your web site is finished and it looks good. What now? Chances are nobody or close to nobody knows your site is out there. With more than a million (and counting) web sites on the Net, you need to figure out how much and what kind of promotion is needed. The good news is that only a small percentage of the web sites on the Net are properly promoted. Let’s cover the basics.


Web Solutions

The world wide web of today is essential to company growth. It demands a simple yet sophisticated site to be competitive in today’s marketplace.


Current Projects